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Lifeline, OA’s international magazine, serves as an indispensable “meeting-on-the-go.” Since 1962, when the first issue debuted as the OA Bulletin, Lifeline has offered encouragement and hope to thousands of readers. Tucked in a purse, a suitcoat pocket or a lunch bag, Lifeline accompanies members around the world, ready to provide inspiration and support when needed.

Don’t miss the opportunity to laugh, learn and love with OA members in recovery. A Lifeline story could be the turning point in your life. Subscribe today!

Throw a lifeline to your group: become a Lifeline Rep!

Lifeline  reps fill a vital service position by sharing with their group their enthusiasm for Lifelineand the stories of how Lifeline has contributed to the recovery of so many OA members. ALifeline rep takes subscription orders, collects the subscription funds, and sends the orders and funds to the World Service Office.

Reps receive bonuses for the number of subscriptions they generate, which could range from a free copy of Voices of Recovery to a subscription to Lifeline magazine to a OA bookstore gift certificate. Lifeline reps not only support the recovery of members who subscribe, they also support OA as a whole by helping Lifeline magazine become self-supporting.

To become a Lifeline Rep, send your request to and put “Lifeline Rep” in the subject line. You can also call 505-891-2664, or write to Lifeline, PO Box 44020, Rio Rancho, NM 87174 USA. You can also download a flyer to promote the Lifeline Rep program within your group.

(Courtesy of Overeaters Anonymous – World Service Office)