2017 Intergroup Officers Being Sought

Overeaters Anonymous Service Structure

Overeaters Anonymous Service Structure – visit https://oa.org/groupsservice-bodies/groups/service-structure/ for info.

The Baltimore Area Intergroup is seeking officers and committee chairs for 2017.

Nominations are being sought now. Contact Mike B., Nominating Committee Chair at 2017-officer-nominations@oabaltimore.org for info and to submit nominations.

Elections will be held at the December 18, 2016 Intergroup Meeting.  All candidates will be expected to attend this meeting to discuss his or her experience, strength, and hope; as well as confirm that they are aware of the position’s duties, are available to attend Intergroup meetings and Board meetings as appropriate, their qualifications for the office, and the reasons why they want to serve in that position. Intergroup members will ask questions of the candidates before the vote is held.

The positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer are available and welcome candidates.

  1. Nominees must have attended at least six intergroup meetings within the two years prior to their election.
  2. Executive officers must have at least six months of continuous abstinence and be practicing the principles embodied by the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts of OA Service.
  3. They agree to attend quarterly board meetings and to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.
  4. All shall be selected for judgment, stability, willingness and faithful adherence to OA’s Steps, Traditions and Concepts of Service.

Duties are listed in Article VII of the Baltimore Area Intergroup By-Laws.

These positions last a two-year term.  Region 7 representatives shall be maintaining at least six months current abstinence. WSBC Delegates shall be maintaining at least one year of current abstinence and have served at least two years beyond the group level. Both shall have attended at least three Baltimore Area Intergroup meetings in the last year, except for reasons deemed appropriate by the Intergroup.

Duties are listed in Article VIII of the Baltimore Area Intergroup By-Laws.

Positions are open for the following committees:

  • Steppingstone newsletter
  • Website / Webmaster
  • Twelfth Step Within Committee
  • Public Information/Professional Outreach
  • Special Events
  • Finance

To be nominated as a Committee Chair, a member must have attended at least three intergroup meetings, have three months of continuous abstinence prior to taking office, and be practicing the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous. By the time of the election, the nominees must be aware of the duties of the position for which they seek election.  Terms last one year, and chairs can serve up to three consecutive terms.

Duties are listed in Article IX of the Baltimore Area Intergroup By-Laws.

TO NOMINATE ONE SELF OR ANOTHER PERSON, contact Mike B., Nominating Committee Chair at 2017-officer-nominations@oabaltimore.org.